Hyperactive kid

Does your child or grandchild seem like he/she is often inattentive, super hyper and often very impulsive? These of course, can be traits of any young child but when it begins to effect behavior and academics, then it might be time to address the issue.

Some children “grow out of it,” but the real problem begins when it starts to affect their social skills and they have trouble regulating their own emotions and when their behavior begins to effect relationships (with parents, siblings, classmates etc…)

While it is important to monitor these types of symptoms and behavior, there is also something that you can do to help your child (children) in their development, as it relates to their mental wellness and behavior and that is to focus on their nutrition and holistic health solutions.

Every child is different, as are their needs and every parent has to decide what is best for their child; but I am here to share a solution that is a natural alternative. Personally, I always like to choose the natural route before any medication, especially when there is evidence to support cases where positive changes have been made. 

The foods, snacks and drinks we give our children, as well as any vitamins or supplements, are an integral part of how they behave on the daily. I learned this the hard way and often times didn’t realize how much sugar and preservatives certain snacks had that I thought were in the “healthy” category.

If there were natural supplements that you could give your child/young adult to help them focus more, to be more motivated and overall happier, wouldn’t you want to do that?

I think the consensus would be “yes,” however, I also believe that not everyone knows that these kinds of options are available to them. 

Too many kids today are suffering with their mental wellness, which was only exacerbated by the pandemic.

I have chosen to make it my business to help others with their mental wellness, but more specifically, with kids and teens because they deserve the help, we can give them to have a bright, healthy and happy future!

Not only do we all have the Power to be Happy and healthy, but we have the power to help future generations as well. When we know better, we should do better, be better and help as many people as we can along the way.

-Lissette Rozenblat


About The Power to be Happy

Lissette - a.k.a. "Mommy Warrior," is a living kidney donor, a brain tumor survivor and a health & mental wellness advocate. She is a social media and communications professional with over 25 years of experience. She is mom and “bonus” mom to an amazing "blended" family of 5 children. She is also the founder of "A Gift of Life: A Living Kidney Donor Group." You can also visit:
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