Need Positive Vibes

So today, is Friday, the afternoon before  Passover (and Easter for some of you) and I am waiting at the doctor’s office.  If you know anything about me, you will know that I absolutely never go to the doctor unless I really feel terrible.  So, guess , what? I feel terrible.

Not even a month ago, I was there, (actually, it was at the end of February, when I came back from my trip to Virginia,) and was I diagnosed with bronchitis after having been in 4 degree weather!  I was prescribed antibiotics and had a chest x-ray done.

Now, I am going back because it appears that I have not gotten any better.  After taking the prescribed antibiotics for 10 days, I still did not feel better and called the doctor’s office to complain.  The doctor told me I had a slight inflammation of the pleura. Yeah, that’s what I said, “What the heck is the ‘pleura’?!” Pleura Just think of when you’re cooking and preparing a boneless chicken breast, that very thin lining around the breast of the chicken, well, we have that same lining in our lungs. Anyway, the doctor told me this lining was inflamed and that I should take steroids to reduce the inflammation, since I was finished with the antibiotics.

So, here I am almost two months later, and I am still not feeling well, plus the pain on the right side of my chest has not subsided, actually it has gotten much worse.  It seems the pleura is still very inflamed.  It only leads me to wonder, if my body is now immune to antibiotics or just has a lowered immune system, after my craniotomy, but that’s a whole other story/blog!

Of course, all these strange pains and my feeling bad for so long, only lead me to have a battle in my brain, between positive thinking and that “little voice” that leads me to negative thoughts.

So basically, I guess I’m writing to ask for positive vibes because in my experience every time I’ve go to the doctor with some kind of strange pain – it never turns well.
Yet,  I have been reading and learning a lot lately and trying to keep myself motivated.  I am Its Okaytrying to be very positive and think happy and so therefore, I need all your positive vibes.
Thank you and I will keep you all posted.
So my last doctor visit he insisted I still have pleurisy.   He said I should do the nebulizer 3-4 times a day.  Honestly, it has been almost 2 months and my chest still hurts every time I breathe in or out (not breathing is really not an option!) and none of the medications I have had (antibiotics , steroids, expectorant) have worked at all!  My best friend suggested I check myself into a hospital for extensive testing but seriously, not too thrilled with that recommendation!  Trying to be positive still.  I think my next move will be to request a CT Scan or MRI, since none of the prescribed medicines or homeopathic stuff has worked!
Pain subsided for a while so I did not go back to the doctor. The pain never really left but now that I am under a lot of stress again, my chest (ride side) by my lungs is killing me again!  I am going to go out on a limb here and diagnosis myself by saying that I think it is something related to my immune system.  I will, of course, go back to the doctor and request new blood work and chest x-ray and this time demand an MRI or scan!  Will keep you all posted!

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Lissette - a.k.a. "Mommy Warrior," is a living kidney donor, a brain tumor survivor and a health & mental wellness advocate. She is a social media and communications professional with over 25 years of experience. She is mom and “bonus” mom to an amazing "blended" family of 5 children. She is also the founder of "A Gift of Life: A Living Kidney Donor Group." You can also visit:
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