Some days do you wake up and wonder , “Just what am I doing? Is this all worth it?”  Working hard to make a living, trying to blend into the “rat-race,” shuffling the kids back and forth between activities and sports, with barely any free time for yourself.  I know, I do!

There are just some days when I feel down and “blue” and can’t see the silver lining. This tends to happen on Monday mornings or when things aren’t going my way (fast enough.) It is usually when I am in my “own little world,” not really participating productively in society, that I let myself get trapped in that “blue box.”

Life can sometimes seem like one disappointment after another, but really, if we change our lens, and look at all the good and positive things in our lives, it can and will change our perspective.  It is so important to have a goal, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Even though, I do wake up some days feeling like something is wrong with the entire world, I’ve learned that “life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.”  I have learned that in moments like this, that’s when it’s time to make the EXTRA effort to get out and do something positive.  I have learned that three people have the power to make me happy: Me, Myself & I!

That’s right only YOU and I, individually, have the power to make ourselves happy.  And remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, you just have to recognize and appreciate what you do have and show gratitude everyday for it!  This does not mean you are going to float around like “Mary Poppins” every day but it will help you will start your day off with a little more pizzazz and appreciation for the life you live, especially when you have dreams and goals to pursue.

Here is a list of things I want to share with you, that you may want to try to help you get back into the “swing of things.”  Remember, YOU always have the power to be happy. 

“What you think, you attract!”


1. Make a list of all the things you love and appreciate in your life (look at  this list and remember it!)

2. Make a conscious effort to schedule time to do sometime YOU enjoy (art, crafts, yoga, write etc…)

3. Treat yourself to your favorite lunch or dinner.

4. Call or visit an old friend – sometimes the best therapy is just talking to someone you trust or like.

5. Find a way to laugh, whether it’s listening to jokes (audio) or going to a comedy show.

6. Read something inspiring and motivational.

7. Start a fun or creative project. Something that you’re excited about, that will make you smile.

8. Write about how you feel, whether you have a blog or not. Talk about the things that make you feel down or upset. Whether you share it or not, is not the point. It is cathartic to write out your feelings. Post it, don’t post it, whatever you choose to do, just get it out of your system.

9.  Watch that movie that you’ve wanted to see for a while now, even if it’s requires getting a sitter.

10. Go for a walk, somewhere were you can appreciate nature (tree, beach, mountain, by a lake etc…)

These are just a few things you can do to help you get a jump-start to your happy frame of mind.   Everyday will not always be good but you can definitely find the good in every day.  You are attracting what you think on a daily basis.  You have the power…use it wisely!

Follow your dreams, set a goal, one day at a time.  The key is to find your purpose or your passion and life will become more exhilarating every day! If you want affirmations to remind you to be positive on a daily basis, you can check out the Warrior Mindset Positive Thoughts & Affirmations!

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In the Face of Loss

3 ChoicesBad things will happen in life, it’s just how it goes, there is no explanation or justification.   Can we alter the things that happen in life? Is it “written in the stars?”  These are questions, I continuously ponder.  However, with that being said, I believe we must find a way to see the positive or at least make something positive come out of loss and tragedy.  There is a lesson in everything that happens, no matter how tragic.  Maybe it is a death of a loved one that is not letting you move forward. It is through having had this person in your life, that you must learn the true meaning of life and bravery. They were placed in your life as a gift, however short that time was. Death is a constant reminder, that we are on “borrowed’ time and there is never a guarantee of a long life. And while, the pain of losing a loved one is enormous, we must find the strength to surpass that pain and honor our loved ones by living a life they would be proud of.  Moving forward.

Change, whether good or bad, helps us grow and learn and become better human beings, even if you can’t see it while it’s happening.  Sometimes, out of tragic events, certain people are placed in our paths that affect our lives for the better.  There will never be an explanation for loss and pain, but there must be an effort to become a better person and to grow as we continue our life’s path. We must learn to be grateful for every moment we have with our loved ones, however boring and monotonous life may become.

Carpe Diem.  ~LR

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Everywhere I read, it says how good Yoga is for you. Well, this is the year that I am going to start!  The benefits are many. Despite the fact that I am so out of shape, I am going to start little by little, perhaps with “chair yoga.”Namaste-woman-jayme

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. It is in the process of being recognized formally as a type of yoga distinct from other types, such as Iyengar Yoga or Ashtanga yoga. Often the poses, or Asanas, are often adaptations of Hatha yoga poses.

“In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism the word yoga means “spiritual discipline“. People often associate yoga with the postures and stances that make up the physical activity of the exercise, but after closer inspection it becomes clear that there are many more aspects of yoga. It is an activity that has been practiced for thousands of years, and it is something that has evolved and changed overtime. Different factions of yoga have developed since its conception.”

“The traditional purpose of Yoga, however, has always been to bring about a profound transformation in the person through the transcendence of the ego,” (Feuerstein 3)

Modern Yoga

Modern yoga is based on five basic principles that were created by Swami Sivananda.

  • Proper relaxation
  • Proper exercise
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper diet
  • Positive thinking and meditation

Recently, I read an article in the Huffington Post about how Yoga can make you happier Here is the article:

By Monique Minahan

When I first started practicing yoga, I was still digging my way out of a deep cavern of grief. Something about this unusual method of twists, turns, and upside downs kept calling me back. I didn’t know what it was initially, but as I began to settle into my body, things began to shift in my life.

I think of it as going from a paralyzed life to a walking life. If you are already able to walk and then begin to run, that’s liberating. If you are paralyzed and then begin to walk, that’s a miracle.

2013-01-17-Gaiam4This was my experience with the power and patience of yoga. Learning how to walk into my life, transition from grief to peace, and eventually to happiness.

The peace and happiness we access on our mats is no accident. Although many write it off as just another exercise-induced dopamine high, yoga goes deeper than that. The mind-body connection created in yoga facilitates change at a cellular level. Cellular memory is the idea that our bodies hold our histories.

Before you brush this off as far-fetched, consider that scientists and physicians have found compelling evidence that the brain and body send messages to each other through neuropeptides and receptors. Neurocardiology is a discipline that studies the communicative relationship between the brain and the heart.

Our nervous systems are what we’re tapping into in yoga. Retraining how psychological or emotional triggers set off our flight-or-fight response allows us the opportunity to rewire our sympathetic nervous system. The deep breathing practiced in yoga activates the parasympathetic nervous system, producing a calming, relaxed effect.

The relationship between head and heart has been described as a “dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function.”

When we weave positive intention into our movements, we are imprinting these thoughts, not only into our minds, but into our bodies. We are effecting change on our mat that will allow for change off our mat.

Much of our unhappiness as humans comes from our thoughts or feelings. We judge our experiences in terms of good or bad. We experience feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, embarrassment, humiliation, and we often keep track of what we don’t have more than what we do have.

A full practice of yoga, including meditation, gently removes these weights from our minds and our bodies. Not only does it remove them, but with time it can begin to reshape our attitudes, views, and thoughts.

The physical postures take us into our bodies in a non-judgmental way. From this neutral viewpoint, we can see huge possibility. Without being blocked by preconceived ideas of what we can or cannot do, we are free to try, to fall, to play, and to grow.

Physically, yoga asks one simple thing of us: Show up. Show up in mind, body, and spirit. These are things we can skimp on in other areas of life. Perhaps we show up in body to work or a conversation, but our minds are somewhere else. At times we show up mentally to a project, while our bodies slouch for hours, forgotten. The integration in yoga of all these parts creates the prerequisite unity and connection required for happiness to bloom.

Once we feel unified and connected, we will access a deep well of joy that does not diminish when shared. Yoga doesn’t just lift our spirits. It lifts our lives. It opens our eyes to the essence of who we are, and therein lies peace. Therein lies the happiness.

(ref.  Feuerstein, Georg. The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory and Practice. Boston: Shambhala, 2003 & The Huffington Post 2015)

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Create the Life You Want

Are you tired of everyone telling you what you should do? Whether it is how you should do your work, or where you should work, or how you should parent or what you should eat and not eat or how you should live. Well, Enough!Steer Your Life

Stop being a passenger in someone else’s “life car!”  Grab that proverbial “steering wheel of life” and drive your own vehicle right to where YOU want to be. Do not let anyone else dictate what is good for you or what you should do. Create your OWN path.

It is understandable that your friends and family have your best interest at heart, but I am talking about those of you who are always listening to everyone telling you what to do or those of you always trying to please someone else and putting your own dreams and wishes on the back burner.  Well, the time has come for you to focus on yourself!

You have been through a lot, so now it’s time to do what you want. Think about what that something is and go make yourself happy!  Explore what it is that brings a smile to your face.  What your passion is?  What makes you want to wake up every morning? What do you absolutely love to do or wish you could do?Create the Life You Want square graphic

When you find the answers to those questions, you can begin to create your own path, whether it is on a personal level or in a career path.

The time is now to create the life you want, to the a road of happiness.

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Are You a Loner?

Some people think that because someone is a “loner” and in their “own world” that they are unhappy. This is not the case. There are many people who are very happy and very comfortable in their own skin, who have chosen to not deal with the day-to-day idiosyncrasies of life and the multitude of ignorant behavior in the world and are in search of a higher meaning and more profound relationships.

Do not criticize or ostracize friends or family, who are like this. It is not necessary for them to be surrounded by tons of people all the time. In Spanish there is a saying that goes, “Es mejor estar solo que mal acompañado. (It is better to be alone than in poor company.)

Live and let live! ~Lissette Ro at The Power to be Happy

The Power to be Happy's photo.
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30-Day Happiest Moment Challenge

Recently, I heard some great advice from the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert, when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show.  She suggested keeping a “happiness journal.”  Remember when you were growing up, you probably had a diary or a journal or knew someone who did? Most of us wrote in it religiously or just complained about what happened to us or didn’t happen to us. Well, with a happiness journal, it is a conscious effort to write down your HAPPY moments daily.  It may seem silly but it helps to point out how fortunate you are and teaches us all to be more grateful!

Sure, there are days that are not going to be so good, but if you really pay attention, there is something (even if it’s a small something) in every day, that can make you happy or at least makes you smile. road-to-happiness

Whether it is watching your kids play, or going out to a nice dinner or lunch, spending quality time with a friend or loved one  or maybe someone paid you a compliment, or maybe even just walking outside and enjoying the sunshine.

Pay attention to the little things in life and nature and you will begin to notice how lucky and happy your life really is.

You never really appreciate things and people until there gone. Do not wait for that to happen!

I invite you to take the “Happiest Moment” Challenge and start your journal today!

All you have to do is get a notebook, or if you have a real diary or journal even better and begin writing today one thing that made you happy that day. And if you don’t want to deal with writing in a journal, attached is pdf.file that contains blank work sheets for you to print and fill out your 30-Day Happiest Moments Challenge. 

Click on link for your worksheets: 30-Day Happiest Moment Challenge

Make this your happy challenge for the next 30 days and see how it affects your life.

Hopefully, you will begin to show more gratitude for what you have in your life.

~Lissette Ro at The Power to be Happy

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You Are The Vehicle to Your Success

Are you doing all the right things but you are still not succeeding at what you want? Remember, that YOU are the vehicle to take you to where you want to be.

Work on yourself first before you attempt anything else.

Have an open-mind and an open-heart. Be honest with what you really want (whatever that may be) and be ready to go after it!

Remember to get what you want:

  • You have to have the right vehicle at the right time
  • You have to have the right knowledge
  • You have to have the right mindset
  • You have to really want it                                                                                                                                                                                                      YOU are the root of your success!
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Do Not Let Anyone Take Away Your Power to be Happy


How many days do you wake up feeling so inspired like you can conquer the world and go after all your dreams? But then…something happens to burst your bubble and someone “empty’s your bucket?” You feel deflated and you get down again?  Well, I am here to tell you, you are not alone!

There are many people who feel this way.  The key is to NOT give up, to keep coming back for more motivation, to seek out positive messages.

It isn’t easy when you have a tendency to let other people take away your power to make you happy. What you must concentrate on, is YOU – on getting yourself focused on what you want and going after it, no matter who or what stands in your way!

You are smart. You can do this! You do have the drive deep own to fulfill your dreams. Do not let anyone take that drive away from you! You have the power to be happy!

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Help Defeat Homelessness With Tiny Homes!

I absolutely love this particular city’s idea of helping with the homeless situation! In Oregon, the city of Eugene has created,  Opportunity Village Eugene, which is a nonprofit organization based in that city, that has a great plan to end homelessness.  They are building tiny homes and using donations to raise funds to help build each one of these homes.

I think every city should learn from this project and help do something about the homeless situation, especially in today’s economy, where it is not too-far fetched to have so many homeless people.  This project does not mean it is a permanent solution, but as the article below explains, it is a stepping-stone for those who need help “getting on their feet” again!

I am sure this concept has not only provided shelter for those who desperately need it, but has made many people happy and given them a new lease on life, so to speak!

Kudos to Opportunity Village Eugene!

This City Is Defeating Homelessness With Tiny Homes, But They Need Our Help!

Source:  Higher Perspective

April 27, 2015


On any given night in the central Oregon city of Eugene, there are about 3,000 people who don’t have a home to return to. Opportunity Village Eugene, a nonprofit organization based in that city, has a big plan to end it.

Tiny houses.

Opportunity Village panorama 1

The mission of Opportunity Village Eugene is simple but impactful: they want to create small, self-managed communities of low-cost tiny houses for those who lack homes. Opportunity Village isn’t a permanent housing arrangement for the city’s homeless. Rather, it’s a stepping stone to transitioning back into society and having a home themselves. “After only a few months of living there my girlfriend and I now are living a life where we are able to sustain a home on our own after being homeless for 2 years.” says Sam Johns on the organization’s website.

-31430a753c52c00f         Opportunity Village is a rather bare bones operation. The homes serve as shelter and a safe place to store belongings and not much more. The tiny homes are at most 60 square feet and are not equipped with running water, plumbing or electricity. Some residents have been able to get their hands on donated solar panels to power small devices like cell phones and small appliances.

But now, Opportunity Village Eugene is raising $15,000 to establish Emerald Village, a 15-home community that’s fully equipped with electricity, running water, outdoor fathering area, laundry facility, food pantry, walking paths, and a parking area. Each of the homes will be 128 to 250 square feet, a big improvement from the powerless, waterless 60 square foot homes.

Tiny House Village PED

Members of Emerald Village will make monthly payments toward operational costs of the cooperative and will share in the ownership of it. Each monthly payment will be at most $250 and will go toward utilities and a share of the village, earning the lower-income residents equity. Emerald Village will also be self-governed Democracy Style by the residents who live there.

CLICK HERE to make a donation toward Emerald Village.

As of this writing, Emerald city is $7,419 of the way to their $15,000 goal. They also have a matching grant for $50,000 in place right now too, so every dollar donated is doubled.

It’s a small step in countering a huge problem, but I get the feeling it’s going to be one of many.

(ref. Higher Perspective)

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How to Stay Positive When You Feel Your Life is Falling Apart

The hardest time to be positive and happy is when you feel your life is “falling apart!”  Sometimes we feel this way because our career may not be headed where we think it should be, or sometimes, there are marital issues or sometimes even worse, it could be financial problems.  Sure, it is easy to be happy when everything is going well, but when things are going in the wrong direction, well, that’s when you need all your strength to come in.  This is why it is so important to keep reading positive messages, books, blog posts, articles, quotes, anything to keep you motivated and surrounded by people who will lift your spirits, not bring you down.  It is very difficult to maintain a positive attitude if you have lost a job, a loved one, or if you are going though an emotional roller coaster because of a relationship.

“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.” – Paulo Coelho

This sometimes tends to be the case, as they say, “when it rains it pours,” and everything happens to you at once, or so you feel.  It is in moments like this that you must gather up all of your courage and strength, put your big boy or girl pants on, and keep moving forward!

Remember that even when things seem grim, there is always a silver lining.  One door closing, usually means something better awaits you!  Learn to live your life to be happy and everything else will follow!  It is how we view things that affects our reaction to it.  When One Door ClosesEven if something bad happens to us or around us, knowing that it will eventually get better, will help you move on.  There is always sunshine after a storm. It may take a while, but it will shine again and so will you!


  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Read books, messages, quotes that will motivate and inspire you
  • Volunteer at an organization or find someone to help or mentor
  • Try not to complain for one week (or one day at a time)
  • If you want to be inspired, inspire someone else

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.  You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Author: Lissette Rozenblat/The Power to be Happy

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