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Do You Need Some Motivation to Get You Going?

Do you need some motivation to get you going every day? I know I do!  Remember, “You become what you think!” So, why not think happy & positive thoughts every day?

A good way to help you do this is by creating a “vision board,” which is a trending topic in success and entrepreneur blogs lately. It is as simple as putting pictures together of things/people that motivate you, a collage of sorts.  You can be as creative and fancy as you want or just keep it simple by cutting and pasting pictures together on a poster board. The point it not about the artwork, per se, it is about the motivation factor and about visualizing what you want in your life.  It is about YOUR dreams, your goals, your desires, your joys.  It is a “board” to look at that is visually appealing to you. It is not about making it attractive for someone else, it is about seeing pictures of what is going to motivate you on a daily basis. When you are done with it, you can place it in your office, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you are going to see it often, so that it serves as a reminder and motivator.

I made my “Happy Vision Board” online using pictures of people I love, and quotes that inspire me!Happy Vision Board  This particular board is more of a personal one but you can make one for business or for the goals you want to achieve.  Remember, the mind is everything. “What you think you become.” ~Buddha

Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield says, “An inspirational vision board vision should depict the future you wish to create.”

For my particular board, I used an app called, Pic Monkey, and simply chose the collage feature and placed the pictures I wanted in the open slots.  It is so simple, it even gives you the option to choose your layout and the number of pictures you can use.  Remember, if you do not want to get technical on the computer, simply paste some of your favorite pictures on a canvas or poster board.   I have chosen this online method and now I can use mine as my background screensaver, as well as print it for visual motivation.

Whatever way you choose to create your vision board, it will be fun and it will serve as a daily reminder of what you should be grateful for and for the things you are striving for.

Here are some ideas for pictures:

  • Pictures of your kids or grand kids;
  • Vacation spot;
  • Car or dream house;
  • Dream job
  • Pictures of your “skinny” self
  •  Pictures of people who inspire you

Simply cut out inspiring pictures or quotes from your favorite magazine.

And here are some ideas of what your Vision Board can look like:

Vision board sample 3 visionboard sample 3 Vision board sampe 1Vision board sampe 2

Now go get yourself a board bulletin or poster board and get started on your Vision Board to hang at your desk, your workspace, kitchen or a place where you will be inspired every time you look at it. Grab some magazines and aim for a few images that speak to you!

Good luck and have a great time!

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Mom Surprises Daughter with 300 Birthday Guests When Friends Don’t Show

Here is a heart-warming story I read on the blog, She Knows.  It is  about a mom who just wanted to make her little girl’s birthday wish come true.  What a happy ending!
Mom surprises daughter with 300 birthday guests when friends don’t show
by Bethany Ramos

Here’s what happened when none of her friends RSVP’ed to her birthday party.
This is the stuff movies are made of:  That painful moment when no one shows up at a child’s birthday party because they’re “different.”

For 10-year-old Mackenzie Moretter, of Shakopee, Minnesota, this scene played out in real life as she celebrated her birthday last Tuesday. Mackenzie, diagnosed with a rare disorder called Sotos Syndrome when she was just 1 year old, was turned down by every friend she invited to her birthday party. Mackenzie’s dad, Matthew Moretter, said that her condition has made it difficult for her to make friends.
Moretter tells USA Today that Mackenzie’s genetic disorder was originally discovered when a tumor fused to her spine as a baby. He explains, “It causes gigantism where kids grow at a faster pace. So Mackenzie is a lot taller than other classmates. Kids are friendly to her, but she doesn’t have friends. No one calls and talks to her. I’ll show up at her school and she will be playing alone.”

Mackenzie was sad that none of the kids she invited wanted to come to her party. Then her mom, Jenny Moretter, took to Facebook, asking her own friends to bring their daughters to the party. Mackenzie Moretter

Her Facebook post stated, “Hello moms. I’m writing because I have a beautiful daughter named Mackenzie who is turning 10. I recently invited several girls to her birthday party this Saturday.    (Photo credit: USA Today)  I got cancellations or no calls at all saying whether they’re coming or not. My daughter has Soto’s Syndrome which means she has development delays such as speech and learning. At school she struggles and is often alone on the playground.”

“As a mother, it is heartbreaking being you want your children to be happy. I’m reaching out to moms who have daughters between the age of 9-11 that would love to come to a birthday party tomorrow from 11-1:30. You don’t have to bring gifts or stay long, just stop by and wish her a happy birthday. As of now, I have two girls coming which is family (sic). She would be so surprised to have other girls just show up. If you are interested please send me a pm and I’ll give you my address. Thank you all for reading a mother’s wish!”

This heartfelt Facebook plea went viral. Though none of Mackenzie’s classmates could be bothered to attend, the 300-person all-star guest list more than made up for it, with celeb attendees like Charles Johnson of the Minnesota Vikings and his family and Elsa from Frozen. Mayor Brad Tabke of Shakopee even declared April 18, 2015, to be “Mackenzie Moretter Day.” Not bad for an epic birthday bash that came together in just 12 hours.

Hearing a story like this is the happy ending most parents need when we think of our kids facing the cruel world out there. But there’s another important lesson we can take from this story: What about the kids who chose not to come? What about their parents?

I get that schedule conflicts and life get in the way, and kids can’t attend every birthday party. But there’s something seriously wrong with the fact that not one child RSVPed to Mackenzie’s birthday party. Parents, the next time your kid brings a birthday party invitation home from school, give it a closer look. Birthday parties are not a popularity contest. Every kid deserves to be celebrated on their special day. If your child goes to just one birthday party of a classmate who isn’t their “friend,” maybe a heartbreaking story like this could be prevented in the first place.

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5 Tips For Positive and Happy Daily Interactions

Be kind whenever possibleWe never get a second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, every interaction is an important one.

Remember these 5 tips as you encounter people on a daily basis:


1. Do not let personal or professional stressors affect your communication with others, especially in the work place.

2. Demonstrate a caring attitude by treating others as you wish to be treated.

3. Acknowledge people immediately even if you have to stop what you’re doing.

4. When you meet someone for the first time: Smile, make eye contact, and introduce yourself.  It is amazing the difference it makes when someone looks you in the eye when they are speaking to you.

5. Rudeness is never appropriate. Make an effort, at all times to treat others with courtesy and respect.

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Need Positive Vibes

So today, is Friday, the afternoon before  Passover (and Easter for some of you) and I am waiting at the doctor’s office.  If you know anything about me, you will know that I absolutely never go to the doctor unless I really feel terrible.  So, guess , what? I feel terrible.

Not even a month ago, I was there, (actually, it was at the end of February, when I came back from my trip to Virginia,) and was I diagnosed with bronchitis after having been in 4 degree weather!  I was prescribed antibiotics and had a chest x-ray done.

Now, I am going back because it appears that I have not gotten any better.  After taking the prescribed antibiotics for 10 days, I still did not feel better and called the doctor’s office to complain.  The doctor told me I had a slight inflammation of the pleura. Yeah, that’s what I said, “What the heck is the ‘pleura’?!” Pleura Just think of when you’re cooking and preparing a boneless chicken breast, that very thin lining around the breast of the chicken, well, we have that same lining in our lungs. Anyway, the doctor told me this lining was inflamed and that I should take steroids to reduce the inflammation, since I was finished with the antibiotics.

So, here I am almost two months later, and I am still not feeling well, plus the pain on the right side of my chest has not subsided, actually it has gotten much worse.  It seems the pleura is still very inflamed.  It only leads me to wonder, if my body is now immune to antibiotics or just has a lowered immune system, after my craniotomy, but that’s a whole other story/blog!

Of course, all these strange pains and my feeling bad for so long, only lead me to have a battle in my brain, between positive thinking and that “little voice” that leads me to negative thoughts.

So basically, I guess I’m writing to ask for positive vibes because in my experience every time I’ve go to the doctor with some kind of strange pain – it never turns well.
Yet,  I have been reading and learning a lot lately and trying to keep myself motivated.  I am Its Okaytrying to be very positive and think happy and so therefore, I need all your positive vibes.
Thank you and I will keep you all posted.
So my last doctor visit he insisted I still have pleurisy.   He said I should do the nebulizer 3-4 times a day.  Honestly, it has been almost 2 months and my chest still hurts every time I breathe in or out (not breathing is really not an option!) and none of the medications I have had (antibiotics , steroids, expectorant) have worked at all!  My best friend suggested I check myself into a hospital for extensive testing but seriously, not too thrilled with that recommendation!  Trying to be positive still.  I think my next move will be to request a CT Scan or MRI, since none of the prescribed medicines or homeopathic stuff has worked!
Pain subsided for a while so I did not go back to the doctor. The pain never really left but now that I am under a lot of stress again, my chest (ride side) by my lungs is killing me again!  I am going to go out on a limb here and diagnosis myself by saying that I think it is something related to my immune system.  I will, of course, go back to the doctor and request new blood work and chest x-ray and this time demand an MRI or scan!  Will keep you all posted!
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No Complaining Zone

Every time you BLAME, JUSTIFY or COMPLAIN, you are deterring happiness and wealth. Learn to create your own level of success and happiness.  Start today and make the promise to not complain, for one week.  It might be very difficult and you are sure to catch yourself many times, but at least you will be making a conscious effort to not complain and be more positive.

Recognize that every time you say or think something negative you are attracting just that, negativity.  Make your house or office a no complaining zone and see how it works out for you.

no_complaining_zone_stickerThis is going to be a tough one, but I am going to do it with you!  Let me know how it goes! #nocomplaining #thepowertobehappy

Remember, what you settle for, is what you get!  ~T.Harv Eker

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Daily Declarations

You have heard it and read it over and over. “What you think, you become.”  Take your thoughts, and turn them into something positive.  Re-train your brain to think of what you want!

Start today with daily declarations.  Make a statement out loud – (remember everything is energy & vibrations) so let the Universe know what you want! Powerful affirmations, declarations are key.

“I want to be happy.” “I want to have health.” “I want to have wealth.”



Daily Declarations

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Does Happiness Come From Within?

I enjoyed this article so much from the blog “Transitions,” that I figured I would re-blog it. Great read….

Steve Rose PhD


With Eastern philosophy currently on trend in the Western personal-development genre, gurus have been popping up everywhere, preaching the idea that happiness comes from within. This perceptual change is usually achieved through detachment from ego and the material world of possessions through meditation or present-centered breathing practices. This ultimately leads to a state of non-striving whereby the practitioner finds happiness by no longer seeking happiness.

Personally, I’ve found many benefits in inner-based practices, particularly those of Eckhart Tolle. Although working on our inner-life can free us from the forms of striving that prevent happiness, we are still stuck with a problem: all forms of striving can’t disappear. If this were the case, our societies would immediately collapse and idleness would ensue. And who really wants to give up all forms of striving? I personally love striving to write better, think of better ideas, lift more at the gym, and become…

View original post 380 more words

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Sometimes Love is Just Not Enough

SometimesIt is my opinion, however negative it may sound, that sometimes love is just not enough. It does not matter how much you love someone or how much you want them to see your ways. You cannot change someone no matter how much you want to. Sometimes you fall in love with someone for reasons unknown and then as the months go by and the years roll in, you realize you are committed to someone who is so different from you and the way you were brought up that you don’t know what to do.

You come to realize that you have reached a completely different “level” and you are now traveling different paths. You know you do not want to walk away, but you also know how unhappy you are. Do you stay and make it work? Try for the kids? Try because you said “for better or for worse?” Yet, on the other hand, do you keep losing the essence of who you are? Do you stay in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling or satisfying and is detrimental to one’s health?

I am not promoting you walk away, split up, or get divorced. However, I do believe that it is more important to be happy and to maintain peace in your life and within your own mind. Keep in mind, I am not talking about “who leaves the toothpaste uncapped” or “the toilet seat up, or who does and doesn’t help with the chores around the house.” I am talking about deep-rooted differences in your very souls. It takes every ounce of energy to be in a relationship that is a constant battle.

Of course, I do believe you must try all of your options, for example, counseling, marriage therapy etc…

I am in no way promoting divorce. I had an amazing example at home. My parents were high school sweethearts who were married for 30 years, when my mother’s life was cut short by cancer.

However, I BELIEVE that ultimately our goal in life should be to be happy and to learn and grow from our experiences in life. Sometimes being truly happy with ourselves and at peace, makes us better partners, friends and/or parents.

Just because you walk away from a relationship that you have genuinely tried to work at, does not make you a failure. This can simply mean that this chapter in your life has closed and you must move on.

I also believe that now-a-days, relationships are even more difficult with so many people getting involved at much older ages. This only means that you are more set in your ways and that you and partner just bring more “baggage to the table,” making it that much harder to “blend” together.

Honestly, I do believe in love and that there is a special someone out there for everyone; with that being said, I also believe that there can be more than
one person that is right for you at different stages of your life.

Sure commitment and loyalty are important, but I repeat, when your well-being, happiness and peace of mind are no longer a priority, you must evaluate the relationship, no matter who is in the middle. You must truly be happy and fulfilled in a relationship in order to make it work. If you are not truly happy, how can you make someone happy or become a better human being? How can you contribute to this world if you continue pretending and just going through the motions?

You have to do what is right for YOU. Keep in mind, that as we grow as human-beings, not everyone can grow along with you. This is where the paths take different turns. I guess what I am ultimately trying to say, is do not consider yourself a failure because your relationship does not succeed.

True love lies within us and it is only through that love that we can grow and find someone who can join us on that level. I hope that you can work through your relationship and be on that same level to make it work. If it does not work out, know that you did give it your all, and you are still a wonderful and loving individual, no matter what!

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Are You Tired of Being Unhappy?


1af80-shift2bhappensAre you tired of being unhappy?  Do you spend hours scrolling the internet trying to find the solution to all your problems?  Do you feel “blah” and depressed the majority of the time?  Do you have money problems and don’t know how to get out of the “hole” you are in?  Well, if you are here reading this page, I am here to tell you, you are not alone.  It is so easy to fall into a rut.  It is so easy to forget what you were passionate about.  Sure, you  may have your family and probably a job but you are still down in the dumps and not really happy, right?


  • Do you frequently numb yourself with alcohol, drugs, sex, television, or  the internet?
  • Do you You feel disappointed with life in general?
  • Have you forgotten what you were passionate about?
  • Do you feel like life is unfair, that you are a victim of circumstances that are beyond your control?
  • You want to do something with your life but you don’t see the point.
  • Do you have frequent negative thoughts and a pessimistic outlook on things?
  • Do you just go through the motions of life? Work, traffic, eat, sleep?
  • Have you lost interest in your favorite activities?  Change Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

Well, guess what? Even if you answered yes to these questions, it doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. Change is just ahead YOU have the power to be happy!  YOU are the key to that change. It might not happen overnight but little by little with some positive coaching and reinforcement, you can get back to your old self and get motivated again.

Stay with me on this site and you will read some uplifting and motivational articles, as well as being able to shop for self-help books.   I am here to tell you that your life does not have to be a hum-drum routine everyday.  YOU have the power to change your life, starting with the way you think. So let’s practice thinking positive and work our way to a happy, successful life that we all deserve. And I say that, as I take the journey with you everyday, learning a little bit more and more.

We were not put on this Earth just to “get-by.”   I will help motivate you and help you find what you are passionate about.  I will help you get inspired to make a difference in this world – in your family, in your community, in your job, in YOUR life!

You already made the first step by staying on this page!

You can also check out the BOOK STORE tab for some self-help books or you can bring a smile to your face by visiting “THE HAPPY STORE” filled with t-shirts, mugs, stickers and more to show off your “be happy pride!”

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