Do You Need Some Motivation to Get You Going?

Do you need some motivation to get you going every day? I know I do!  Remember, “You become what you think!” So, why not think happy & positive thoughts every day?

A good way to help you do this is by creating a “vision board,” which is a trending topic in success and entrepreneur blogs lately. It is as simple as putting pictures together of things/people that motivate you, a collage of sorts.  You can be as creative and fancy as you want or just keep it simple by cutting and pasting pictures together on a poster board. The point it not about the artwork, per se, it is about the motivation factor and about visualizing what you want in your life.  It is about YOUR dreams, your goals, your desires, your joys.  It is a “board” to look at that is visually appealing to you. It is not about making it attractive for someone else, it is about seeing pictures of what is going to motivate you on a daily basis. When you are done with it, you can place it in your office, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you are going to see it often, so that it serves as a reminder and motivator.

I made my “Happy Vision Board” online using pictures of people I love, and quotes that inspire me!Happy Vision Board  This particular board is more of a personal one but you can make one for business or for the goals you want to achieve.  Remember, the mind is everything. “What you think you become.” ~Buddha

Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jack Canfield says, “An inspirational vision board vision should depict the future you wish to create.”

For my particular board, I used an app called, Pic Monkey, and simply chose the collage feature and placed the pictures I wanted in the open slots.  It is so simple, it even gives you the option to choose your layout and the number of pictures you can use.  Remember, if you do not want to get technical on the computer, simply paste some of your favorite pictures on a canvas or poster board.   I have chosen this online method and now I can use mine as my background screensaver, as well as print it for visual motivation.

Whatever way you choose to create your vision board, it will be fun and it will serve as a daily reminder of what you should be grateful for and for the things you are striving for.

Here are some ideas for pictures:

  • Pictures of your kids or grand kids;
  • Vacation spot;
  • Car or dream house;
  • Dream job
  • Pictures of your “skinny” self
  •  Pictures of people who inspire you

Simply cut out inspiring pictures or quotes from your favorite magazine.

And here are some ideas of what your Vision Board can look like:

Vision board sample 3 visionboard sample 3 Vision board sampe 1Vision board sampe 2

Now go get yourself a board bulletin or poster board and get started on your Vision Board to hang at your desk, your workspace, kitchen or a place where you will be inspired every time you look at it. Grab some magazines and aim for a few images that speak to you!

Good luck and have a great time!


About The Power to be Happy

Lissette - a.k.a. "Mommy Warrior," is a living kidney donor, a brain tumor survivor and a health & mental wellness advocate. She is a social media and communications professional with over 25 years of experience. She is mom and “bonus” mom to an amazing "blended" family of 5 children. She is also the founder of "A Gift of Life: A Living Kidney Donor Group." You can also visit:
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