Think Happy, Really?

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Think happy?  You are probably thinking to yourself, you have a million things to worry about, how can you think happy?  But, really, what is the point to the worry and stress? It is not helping is it?  I know what you are thinking, if only it were as easy as “thinking happy!” But you know what, if you are going to think so much, it may as well be positive! The more we read positive things, stories and quotes, the easier it is to motivate ourselves on a daily basis! It’s true!  Try it. Just for a week. Keep reading things that are positive, whether it is this website,  our FB page, quotes, the bible, daily affirmations, whatever works for YOU!  You will see yourself becoming a happier person, someone people want to be around.

When people ask you how you are doing, what do you say? How do you answer that question? Think about it. Do you start telling them all your problems? Tell them how tired you are? Try answering in a positive way.  “I feel good, how about you?”  Make sure to ask the other person as well. Putting someone else’s interest and well-being before yours is another key to helping you become a better person.  Now this doesn’t mean you put everyone’s needs before your own, it simply means, being kind to others and helping people out is a way to give back to the Universe and help you grow as a person.

Ultimately, that is the goal in life, in my opinion, to grow and become a better person, to make a difference in this world.

So come on, join me while we make this the best possible day! And trust me when I say, I understand it is no easy task, when you are feeling “blah!” But you got this! It’s got to get better starting today! #thepowertobehappy


About The Power to be Happy

Lissette - a.k.a. "Mommy Warrior," is a living kidney donor, a brain tumor survivor and a health & mental wellness advocate. She is a social media and communications professional with over 25 years of experience. She is mom and “bonus” mom to an amazing "blended" family of 5 children. She is also the founder of "A Gift of Life: A Living Kidney Donor Group." You can also visit:
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